Do You Need a Professional Landscaper?

Redding Landscaping on a Budget
February 9, 2012

Do You Need a Professional Landscaper?

Landscaping can make or break the look of your home. It can upgrade a modest or homely home or add the finishing touch to an upscale home. However, the lack of quality landscaping will do just the opposite. It’s a highly visible area where amateur do-it-yourself work will tend to look glaringly mediocre. Don’t skimp by cutting out professional landscaping—you’d be surprised how much you can afford.

Landscape Design

There’s an art to good landscaping. Knowing how to position plants, trees, rock walls, and waterfalls requires a visionary eye—before these things are set in place and are taking root. A landscape designer knows how large a plant will become and understands how to group or space landscaping features to achieve the greatest appeal and workability. He’s done many such projects before.

Additionally, a landscaper can advise you on the type of plants that will do well in your climate or with your yard layout. For instance, if you have lots of trees or shading, he will be able to recommend plants that will thrive in a shaded environment. The same goes for a yard that has little to no shade. A landscaper has innate knowledge of annuals and perennials too. If you are looking for a yard that blooms year-round, a landscape designer can develop a layout that does just that.

Landscape Practicals

There’s also a practical side to landscape design. Depending on your location, there will be zoning laws and building codes to follow, and possibly permits to apply for. It may seem obvious that having a pond in the front yard in a suburban housing development won’t pass the approval of the housing association, but what about an unusual tree or bush?

If you expand your landscape design to include outdoor lighting or stonework, it gets even more complicated. Electrical wiring is best handled by a professional to avoid electrical hazards and permit snafus. Additional attention will also need to be given to potential problems related to temperature, weather, and moisture.

Landscape Construction

If you’re interested in a grand-scale project, such as a waterfall, pond, retaining wall, or pool, you’ll need an expert landscaping construction team. These types of projects may require excavating equipment and other tools and skills that you don’t have at your disposal. Large, elaborate projects require attention to myriads of details, including underground water piping, proper drainage, large rock removal, and more.

It pays to invest in a landscape designer. Your home deserves to be dressed with appealing aesthetics. And you will love living in a more tasteful environment.

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