Erosion Control in Redding and Chico, California

Erosion, Drainage, & Irrigation Solutions

Slopes, hillsides, and low-lying areas are prone to erosion unless proper measures have been undertaken to prevent it. This creates a perfect landscaping opportunity. Plants, trees, retaining walls, and other landscaping options are excellent at addressing and preventing erosion. However, this can be difficult to implement on your own. A professional landscaper, such as Chase Designs Landscape, is skilled at determining the right combination of plants and landscaping features that will be the most beneficial for erosion-prone areas at your home or business.

Proper drainage and irrigation are imperative for long-term erosion control. Rain and wind can cause runoff, exposed roots, and erosion of valuable topsoil on a bare slope, hillside, or even a low-lying area of the yard. We evaluate the path of water and implement landscaping features to redirect or absorb water. Additionally, in fire-prone areas, special attention needs to be given to irrigation solutions and fire-retardant plants.

Plants, particularly native vegetation, are an excellent choice for erosion prevention. Not only do they provide a beautiful landscape, but they also develop a strong root system and an effective barrier for water running downhill. However, it’s not enough to just plant any plant. Strategic erosion control will include a variety of deep-rooted plants and shallow-rooted plants, mulched effectively to prevent weeds.

Methods We May Use for Erosion Control

  • Baffles or barriers: Boulders or timbers obstruct water from running down the hill unchecked. Done correctly, they can create a natural aesthetic.
  • Riprap: Stones and rocks are also very effective for erosion control. Loose stones are either spread loosely or embedded into a slope. When combined with plants, riprap can create a lovely landscape.
  • Terraces: stairsteps that are cut into slopes and then planted. The flat surfaces then catch water. Terraces can also be supplemented with retaining walls.
  • Plants: Horticultural solutions may include groundcover, shrubs, or trees.
  • Dry Streams: Essentially, these look like creek beds with no water. Gravel and rocks are placed in a meandering path through low-lying areas in your yard. When it rains, these beds collect and redirect runoff.
  • Hardscapes: Retaining walls, stairs, and paths, made of brick or stone, create decorative solutions for sloped areas.

With Chase Designs Landscape, your sloped or low-lying area will no longer be a problem area—it may become your best feature! Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a picturesque landscape.

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