Excavation in Redding and Chico, California

Excavation Services for Your Landscape

As Redding and Chico’s outdoor maintenance and design specialists, Chase Designs Landscape offers a variety of services to get your property in tip-top, head-turning shape. From landscaping drainage, irrigation repair, and excavating to pond, creek bed, and rock wall installations, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive training and experience in each of these tasks makes us the right people for the job, no matter how large or complex it may be.

Oftentimes, excavating is needed before any other work can be done to enhance a property. Employing our professionals to take care of this important assignment allows you to stick with one company from the beginning to the end of your landscaping project. Using the latest equipment and technology, we’ll get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

To promote a thriving outdoor environment, it’s important to have a properly working drainage and irrigation system in place. If you have problems such as standing water, leaks, sprinkler heads that are out of adjustment, etc., our landscaping and drainage repair service will provide a cost-effective solution. Creek bed installation and landscaping also presents an appealing way to rid yards of standing water issues.

Pond installations are a favored concept among many of our customers. We will help you customize a pond design that fits right in with your landscape and gives the beauty of your outdoor environment an additional boost. We also have koi pond options available for those who want countless hours of enjoyment from their new water feature.

Selecting the perfect rock wall to complement your property can be overwhelming, but not when you have the expert guidance of Chase Designs. Our rock wall installation and landscaping guarantees the structural integrity you need plus the aesthetics you desire.

For more information on any of these services, contact Chase Designs Landscape today. We’ll make your Redding or Chico property something everyone will want to talk about.

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